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A man has stunned DIY fans after transforming a dull north London flat into a slick pad worth £1.3m after painting it black.

Property investor Bill Patel renovated the unremarkable two-bedroom home on Bayham Street, Camden, with two of his best friends and former housemates.

They transformed it into a slick modern pad – complete with a roof terrace – into a desirable home which was later sold for a hefty profit.

Mr Patel said: “I’ve been a property developer for 10 years and started with £0 and have built a substantial portfolio in that time, which now consists of more than 180 tenancies.

“I bought this house with two of my best friends in January 2020, when we were all single, loving London and wanted to create a ‘lad pad’.”

The trio all ended up getting ‘lockdown girlfriends’ and the home was sold a little over two years later in February 2022.

The pals then went their separate ways and moved in with their other halves, MyLondon reports.

The house was bought for £850,000, with around £120,000 being spent on renovations through lockdown.

It sold for £1.34m netting them a tidy profit of £370,000.

The master bedroom originally had outdated yellow walls with white curtains and brown furniture, including a large wardrobe with a full-length mirror, as well as a chair and chest of drawers.

It has since undergone a huge transformation and now looks 10 times brighter, with modern bright colours, pot plants, beautiful paintings and a feature wall.

Laminate flooring and recess lighting add to the modern feel.

The first-floor reception room used to look like something out of the 1970s, with old and mismatched furniture and faded cream walls.

Getting rid of all the clutter, the property expert lay down a laminate panel flooring, with a couch and desk, maximising the space to make the room appear a lot larger than before – sticking to a similar colour scheme throughout the property.

The old kitchen units were replaced with modern shiny countertops and a breakfast bar, with a brick-style wall.

And the toilet and bathroom area went from looking like something out of a youth hostel to something more befitting a hotel – clean, crisp and welcoming.

Posting to his 2,600 TikTok followers, Mr Patel, who now mentors people who also want to build a portfolio like him, wrote: “I bought this house in Camden Town, painted it black and turned it into this.”

The video has racked up more than 13,000 likes, with close to 200 comments and 177 shares.

Fans were quick to rush to the comments section to praise Mr Patel, with one saying: “Oh you own this!! I used to walk by it and wonder what the inside was like.”

Meanwhile TJ Atkinson, a property coach, added: “Absolutely beautiful.” A third chimed in: “I don’t usually like modernisation but this is fantastic.”